Whittlesey, Elisha Dana

Whittlesey, Elisha Dana
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Vol. I. Odd pages numbered by student; topical headers throughout in upper right corner; rebound and trimmed with occasional loss of page numbers. Written on both sides of page. No regular division into lectures, but within the title of Municipal Law (p. 73), there begins "Lecture 8th;" within the title of Parent & Child, lectures 3, 5, 6, and 9 are noted; text is otherwise continuous. Citations in text are underlined.
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Harvard Law School Library
Each of the 4 volumes is stamped: Learned Hand/Albany, N.Y.
Lecture Date Lecturer Opening Line All terms
Elisha D. Whittlesey 1811 New York June 11 USA [stamped] Learned Hand Albany, N.Y.
Elisha D. Whittlesey Litchf'd July 1813 [stamped] Learned Hand Albany, N.Y.
Elisha D. Whittlesey
Index 1 Municipal Law 1 page; 2 Master and Servant 85; Parent and child 149; 4 Guardian and Ward 274; 5 Executors and Admin 309; 6 Sheriffs and Gaolers 381; 7 Execution 437 Index, Volume 1 Index
1813-01-01 to 1813-12-31 Reeve, Tapping It was intimated by Judge Reeves that he had it in contemplation to publish his comments upon the Law of Domestic Relations, and for that reason his Lectures on that subject were not transcribed. Baron & feme, Volume 1 Baron & Femme
1813-01-01 to 1813-12-31 Gould, James Parent & child, Volume 1 Parent & child
1813-01-01 to 1813-12-31 Gould, James Guardian & Ward, Volume 1 Guardian & ward
1813-01-01 to 1813-12-31 Gould, James Sheriff & Gaoler, Volume 1 Sheriffs and subordinate officers
1813-01-01 to 1813-12-31 Volume 1 Addenda United States Courts
1813-01-01 to 1813-12-31 Gould, James Master & Servant, Volume 1 Master & servant
1813-01-01 to 1813-12-31 Gould, James Municipal law, Volume 1 Municipal law
1813-07-01 to 1813-07-31 Gould, James There are many things in the law of contracts which I shall not now give you, as they fall appropriately under different titles. A contract is an agreement upon sufficient consideration to do or not to do a particular thing. 2 Bl. 442. Contracts, Volume 2 Contracts
1813-07-01 to 1813-07-31 James Gould Bailments are a species of contracts and is defined to be a delivery of goods from one to another on a contract express or implied that they shall be returned to the bailor or deliverer according to his directions, when the purpose for which they have been contracted to him has been answered. Bailments, Volume 2 Bailments
1813-07-01 to 1813-07-31 Gould, James There are very few rules under this title. By the common law, any person may lawfully exercise the employment of innkeeper, unless it be to the inconvenience of the public. Inns & Innkeepers, Volume 2 Innkeepers
1813-07-01 to 1813-07-31 James Gould Assumpsit. As to the nature of the action, i.e., implied and expressed. The latter is a remedy when there is an express agreement entered into with definite terms, whether that agreement is reduced to writing or not, the action lies. Contracts, Volume 2 Actions on contracts
1813-07-01 to 1813-07-31 Reeve, Tapping Tender. This is an offer to pay a debt or to perform some duty, which is obligatory upon the tenderer. Defenses to action, Volume 2 Defenses to actions on contracts
1813-07-01 to 1813-07-31 Index Contracts; Bailments; Actions upon contracts; Defences to Actions upon contracts Index, Volume 2 Index
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 Pleas & pleadings, Volume 4 Pleas & pleadings
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 Bills of exception, Volume 4 Bills of exceptions
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 Volume 4 Writs of error, Writs of error
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 New trials, Volume 4 New trials
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 Reeve, Tapping Evidence, Volume 4 Title of evidence
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 Reeve, Tapping Chancery, Volume 4 Powers of Chancery
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 Elisha D. Whittlesey Litchf'd Sept. 1813 [stamped] Learned Hand, Albany, N.Y.
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 Lex est tutissima cassis. Sir Ed. Coke
1813-09-01 to 1813-09-30 Index 1 Pleas & pleadings 1 p; 2 Bills of exceptions 252; 3 Writs of error 260; 4 New trials 287; 5 Evidence 331; 6 Powers of Chancery 411 Volume 4 Index
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 Gould, James The Law Merchant has usually been denominated a particular custom, but this is manifestly incorrect. Mercantile law, Volume 3 Lex Mercatoria
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 Gould, James A bill of exchange is an open letter of request from one person to another, directing him to pay a third person a sum of money and to pay any other person whom that third person shall appoint, or to the bearer. 2 Bl. 466; Kyd B 3. Bills of exchange & promissory notes, Volume 3 Bills of exchange & promissory notes
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 Introduction. The rule as respects the intention of the testator does not apply to the words used in the will, but to the estate given. Executor & Administrators, Volume 3 Executors & administrators
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 If there be no children nor legal representatives of them, then one moiety of the personal estate shall be allotted to the wife of the intestate. Executor & Administrators, Volume 3 Connecticut Statute of Descents
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 Reeve, Tapping It is the common style of the books to speak of the mercantile law as the custom of merchants. But this is incorrect, for custom is the law of a particular province, but the Lex Mercatoria extends over the whole civilized world. Mercantile law, Volume 3 Lex Mercatoria
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 Slander. Slander in its legal signification differs widely from its meaning in common parlance. Private wrongs, Volume 3 Private wrongs
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 Mandamus. Mandamus is a writ issuing from the superior court, the object of which is procure a specific remedy, as in Chancery. Prerogative writs, Volume 3 Mandamus
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 not identified Prohibition. This is to prevent an inferior court from proceeding over the case which is not within their jurisdiction. Prerogative writs, Volume 3 Prohibition
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 Habeas corpus. Of this there are several kinds. Some are not used here. Habeas corpus, Volume 3 Habeas corpus
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 This subject is that of marine insurance. It is a contract entered into by one man to secure another against perils to which the property of the latter may be exposed, or that an event shall or shall not happen. Insurance, Volume 3 Insurance
1813-12-01 to 1813-12-31 Elisha D. Whittlesey Litchfield Dec'r 1813 [stamped] Learned Hand Albany, N.Y.