Global Constitutionalism Seminar

 In 1996, Yale Law School launched a Global Constitutionalism Seminar, which in 2011 became a part of the Gruber Program for Global Justice and Women’s Rights at Yale.

Available now online are the four most recent volumes of the Seminar, with the fifth (for 2016), entitled Acts of State, Acts of God, forthcoming. Abstracts of those volumes are below. These readings provided the bases for discussions at the three-day Seminar, a private gathering of jurists on constitutional courts, Supreme Courts, and transnational courts, joining with members of the Yale Law Faculty.

The Seminar’s first chair and the editor of the initial ten volumes was Professor Paul Gewirtz. Thereafter, the Seminar was chaired by Professor Robert Post before he became the Dean, and then co-chaired by Professors Bruce Ackerman and Jed Rubenfeld. Since 2012, the Seminar has been chaired by Professor Judith Resnik.

In 2012, the Law School joined with Carnegie Corporation of New York to hold a special convening of the Global Constitutionalism Seminar at the Peace Palace in The Hague to mark the Centennial of Carnegie Corporation of New York and of the Peace Palace in celebration of Andrew Carnegie’s vision for international justice. The Seminar enables its participants (and, we hope, the readers of these volumes) to appreciate the importance of relationships across borders, to reflect on what law does and what law ought to provide, within and beyond the nation-state, and to think about what role constitutional courts play in shaping understandings of justice.

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2012 Global Constitutionalism Seminar: Law's Borders

2013 Global Constitutionalism Seminar: Government's Authority

2014 Global Constitutionalism Seminar: Sources of Law and of Rights

2015 Global Constitutionalism Seminar: The Reach of Rights

2016 Global Constitutionalism Seminar: Acts of State, Acts of God