Bayard Rustin Centennial

Working Papers

Working paper        The Montgomery bus boycotts ended in  
     December 1956 when the United States
     Supreme Court ruled that segregated seating
     in city buses was illegal. Immediately Rustin
     put his attention to institutionalizing the
     kinds of efforts that had made the
     Montgomery boycotts succeed. He traced the
     boycotters’ success to their development of a
     program for action and their insistence on a
     pacifist strategy of non-violent direct action. 
     The written product of Rustin’s efforts at
     institutionalization were the 7 Working
for the entity that would become the
     Southern Christian Leadership Conference. In
     these Working Papers, Rustin envisaged an
     organization that would challenge racism and
     poverty, as well as assert workers’ rights
     under the leadership of the black Southern
     church. The Working Papers were endorsed by
     Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  

     Working Paper #1 (PDF)

     Permission from the Estate of Bayard Rustin