Phelps, Oliver Leicester

Lecture Date Lecturer Opening Line All terms
1792-12-27 Reeve, Tapping Concealment of facts that ought to be disclosed is ground of action. Concealment of facts, Contracts
1794-11-04 Reeve, Tapping Law in its most extensive sense signifies a rule of action. Municipal law is a rule of civil conduct, prescribed by the Supreme power of any state, commanding what is right and prohibiting what is wrong. Definitions, Municipal law
1794-11-04 to 1795-04-18 not applicable A course of Lectures, Delivered by Tapping Reeve, Esquire 1794 & 1795 title page, Title Page
1794-11-06 Reeve, Tapping General or official, Public or private statutes. A general statute is a universal rule which regards the whole community. Municipal law, Of statutes in general
1794-11-07 Reeve, Tapping Statutes are frequently declaratory of the Common Law. Municipal law, Statutes
1794-11-08 Reeve, Tapping The property of the wife is transferred to the husband upon marriage to make use of. Baron & feme, Private relations Baron & feme
1794-11-11 Reeve, Tapping The Statute 32nd of Henry 8th gives the arrears of rent before the coverture to the husband and allows him with his wife to lease her land which will bind her after his death. Baron & feme, Of dower
1794-11-12 Reeve, Tapping The principles upon which the feme covert has the power of binding herself separate from the Baron. It is a maxim of English law that the feme covert cannot bind herself in a contract. Baron & feme, Feme covert's power to bind herself
1794-11-13 Reeve, Tapping Says the law, the husband is not at all bound except by his own assent, either implied or expressed. Baron & feme, Husband not bound by wife's contracts
1794-11-14 Reeve, Tapping If the wife has separate personal property she can divide it. That is, if at her death, she has choses in action which the husband has not converted into his use, Baron & feme, Feme's power to convey her estate
1794-11-15 Reeve, Tapping The personal property acquired by the feme covert, if demanded, belongs to the husband and he has a right to dispose of it. Baron & feme, Feme covert's capacity assigning property
1794-11-18 Reeve, Tapping If her real property is injured during the coverture by right of inheritance, as cutting timber & the like, she has a right of actions. Baron & feme, Wife's right of action for wrongs
1794-11-19 Reeve, Tapping The manner in which it is made legal. The common law antecedent to the Statute of George 2nd. It was proof of marriage if the parties entered into a contract and afterwards lived together. Baron & feme, Of marriage
1794-11-20 Reeve, Tapping The causes for which the Superior Court of this state are allowed to give divorce are: 1st Adultery, 2nd seven years absence unheard of (which supposes the party dead) Baron & feme, Of divorce in Connecticut
1794-11-21 Reeve, Tapping It is not material at what time the marriage is celebrated if it is a time in which the parties are under seven years, and this marriage, if agreed to at the time the paraties are at the age of consent, is valid. Baron & feme, Marriage age
1794-11-22 Reeve, Tapping and their powers of rebinding. If A buys a house of C, a minor, and pays him the money for the house, C can refund and recover back the house and keep the money. Contracts of minors, Parent & child
1794-11-25 Reeve, Tapping The contracts of minors are voidable. Minors' contracts, Parent & child
1794-11-26 Reeve, Tapping This being delivered in my absence is taken from E.B. lecture. Children are legitimate or illegitimate. The common law of England and our own is the same upon this subject. Of children, Parent & child
1794-11-5 Reeve, Tapping There are many customs which prevail in different counties and towns in England and any cause depending upon those customs being brought before any court of justice Law in general, Municipal law
1794-12-02 Reeve, Tapping Authorities in cases of bastardy: Coke Littleton 244&248.123; 3 Salkeld 122, 123, 484; 5 Modern 420. Of bastardy, Parent & child
1794-12-03 Reeve, Tapping By the English law, if a man marries a wife who has children that are paupers & does not support them and is unable to pay for their maintenance Parent & child, Parents to support children
1794-12-04 Reeve, Tapping The parent has a right to chastise his child moderately and to put him under such corrections as propriety will dictate. Father's right to correct child, Parent & child
1794-12-05 Reeve, Tapping The Court of probate in general consult the inclination of the Minor in the appointment of a guardian and seldom appoint one whom they think displeasing to him. Guardian & Ward, Guardianship
1794-12-06 Reeve, Tapping In the first place, we shall consider the justice of slavery and in the second, the legality of it according to the Law of the State of Connecticut. Master & Servant, On slavery
1794-12-09 Reeve, Tapping Apprentices are such as are bound out by indenture for the purpose of becoming master of some trade, and they are in general minors. Apprentices, Master & Servant
1794-12-10 Reeve, Tapping It has been a question whether the master can have an action for the promise made the servant. Actions of the master, Master & Servant
1794-12-11 Reeve, Tapping Bailments, Bailor & bailee
1794-12-12 Reeve, Tapping Bailments, Of escapes
1794-12-13 Reeve, Tapping Bailments, Innkeepers or tavern keepers
1794-12-17 Reeve, Tapping Bailee at all events, Bailments
1794-12-17 Reeve, Tapping Bailments, Naked bailee
1794-12-18 Reeve, Tapping After the pawner has pledged his property, if he will tender the money at the time at which it becomes due, the property reverts to him again. Bailments, Pawner's property
1794-12-20 Reeve, Tapping Contracts, Contracts
1794-12-23 Reeve, Tapping Aliens, Contracts
1794-12-24 Reeve, Tapping In express contracts there must be assent on both sides. Contracts, Express contracts
1794-12-25 Reeve, Tapping In Burrows Reports there is a cas where a person promised to pay a draught which, in consequence of neglect in the drawer, he was relieved from the obligation. Consequence of neglect, Contracts
1794-12-26 Reeve, Tapping Contracts, Of fraud in contracts
1794-12-30 Reeve, Tapping Contracts not binding on account of the impossibility of performing them. Contracts, Impossible contracts
1794-12-31 Reeve, Tapping Contracts, Of illegal contracts
1795-01-01 Reeve, Tapping Contracts, Of usury
1795-01-06 Reeve, Tapping English courts of equity have assumed the authority of relieving against usurious contracts. Contracts, Usurious contracts
1795-01-07 Reeve, Tapping Contracts, Unlawful contracts
1795-01-08 Reeve, Tapping Contracts, Executed & executory contracts
1795-01-09 Reeve, Tapping If B goes to a store with C and tells D the merchant that if he will let C have such articles, he will be liable. Contracts, Liability
1795-01-10 Reeve, Tapping When the parties treat the contract as a mortgage, by not paying rent &c, a Court of Chancery will consider it so, although no express contract. Contract as a mortgage, Contracts
1795-01-13 Reeve, Tapping Contract, Contracts
1795-01-14 Reeve, Tapping Consideration of contracts, Contracts
1795-01-15 Reeve, Tapping A parole contract upon which there is not a consideration on the face of it is not actionable, neither would it be if reduced to writing. Contracts, Parole contracts
1795-01-16 Reeve, Tapping The lesser remedy is merged in the greater one, and if the person has the higher remedy, he cannot bring his action upon the lesser one. Contracts, Remedies
1795-04-14 Reeve, Tapping and the jurisdiction of the several courts in Connecticut. Essays, History of legal procedure