Chapter Fifteen: An Iconography for Democratic Adjudication

Transitional and Transnational Idioms

Symbolic Courts with Facades of Glass

  • Opaque Transparency
  • The Politics of Glass
  • Zones of Authority

Replenishing the Visual Vocabulary

  • An Interdependent Collective: The Cardinal Four of Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude
  • The Burdens of Judging: The Nails of a Nkisi Figure

Facing Justice’s Injustice

  • Nelson Mandela’s Jail as South Africa’s Constitutional Court
    • Aiming to Capture the Humanity of Social Interdependence
    • Prison Vistas of Barbed Wire
    • Splashes of Color and References to Oppression
    • The Challenge of Crime and Caseloads
  • Visually Recording (in)Justice in Mexico’s Supreme Court
    • Mexican Muralists, Orozco, and “Profoundly National” Paintings
    • George Biddle’s Redemption from the Horrors of War
    • Cauduro’s Vision: Torture, Homicide, and Other Crimes, Unpunished
    • Impunity and Insecurity

Open Tents, Tattered Coats, and the Challenges Entailed in Democratic Promises of Justice

  • “If performed in the open air”:  The Federal Court of Australia’s Ruling on the Ngaanyatjarra Land Claims
  • Terra nullius and the Native Title Act
  • Commemorating Power, Witnessing Compromise
  • An Icon of Free Legal Services in Minnesota
    • More Courthouses than Counties
    • A Jacket, Worn

Facets of Judgment