Chapter Eleven: Constructing Regional Rights

Judging Across Borders

“Mixed Courts,” The Slave Trade and Special Venues for Foreigners

Nation-States Allied Through Courts

  • Luxembourg and the European Court of Justice
    • Enduring (and Expanding) Authority: Le Palais Plus
    • Dominique Perrault’s Golden “morphological development”
    • “Under the watchful eye of paintings and sculptures”
  • Strasbourg and the European Court of Human Rights
    • Le Palais des Droits de L’Homme
    • Building-in Expansion (for Space and Rights)
    • Richard Rogers’s “monumental cylinders”
    • “Easier to see your neighbor’s human rights violations than your own”
    • The ECtHR and the ECJ: The Form of Resources
  • Regional Law: The Organization of American States and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
    • The 1907 Central American Court of Justice: A “permanent court of justice”
    • Shaping a Pan-American Convention on Human Rights
    • Parallels and Distinctions: Human Rights Adjudications in Europe and Americas
    • Costa Rica and the Inter-American Court: Linked “not only by conviction, but by action”
    • Engineering a $600,000 Renovation