Weems, James J.

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Digitized Notebooks

Single Volume


464 pp. Each title begins a new numbering sequence; blank pages between titles; written on both sides of page; many insertions of words or phrases; titles end with "Finis." Between the titles of Guardian & Ward and Master & Servant there is an upside down note dated Shreveport, July 1, 1864, to John Lombard, regarding the receipt of a bundle of old newspapers. Following Master & Servant, there is a page of accounts, dated 1861-1865.

Weems, James J. Notebooks

Lecture Date Lecturer Notebook Author Opening Line All terms
Weems, James J. Notes taken from Lectures delivered by James Gould, Esq. at Litchfield, Connecticut, in the years 1820-21 by Jas. J. Weems. title page
Gould, James Weems, James J. Different kinds of guardians, their rights & duties. A guardian is a temporary parent; or quasi a temporary parent; in other words, he stands in loco parentis for certain purposes during a child's minority. The child is the ward. Guardian & Ward, Guardian & Ward (No. 39)
Gould, James Weems, James J. The contract of marriage is regarded by common law and the law of this country as a civil contract. Baron & feme, Husband & Wife (No. 37)
Gould, James Weems, James J. A servant is one who is subject to the authority of another. A master is one who exercises that authority. Master & Servant, Master & Servant (No. 40)
Gould, James Weems, James J. Definition. Blackstone's title is the only elementary title on this subject. It is defined to be a "rule of civil conduct prescribed by the supreme power in a state, commanding what is right & prohibiting what is wrong." Municipal law, Municipal law (No. 36)
Gould, James Weems, James J. Definition. An infant in law is a minor in our language, that is, any one under 21 years of age, male or female. Parent & child, Parent & Child (No. 38)