Painter, Alexis

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One bound volume, 84 leaves; paper boards, 26 x 21 cm. Pages were slightly trimmed for binding with some loss text. Undated. Paginated by Painter [4] 1-161 [3]. Numbers in pencil every 12 pages show order for binding. Unlined pages; narrow margins on left side of each page; topical headers on every page; written on both sides of page; no division into lectures; tiny writing in margins.

Painter, Alexis Notebooks

Lecture Date Lecturer Notebook Author Opening Line All terms
Painter, Alexis Lectures on law upon the title Contracts, Covenant Broken, Bailments, Inns & Innkeepers, and Evidence, Delivered before members of Litchfield Law School in Litchfield, Conn by James Gould, A Judge of the Superior Court of Connecticut title page
1817 Gould, James Painter, Alexis Contracts, Contracts
1817 Gould, James Painter, Alexis Covenant broken
1817 Gould, James Painter, Alexis Bailments, Bailments
1817 Gould, James Painter, Alexis Inns & Innkeepers, Inns & innkeepers
1817 Gould, James Painter, Alexis Evidence, Evidence
1817 Painter, Alexis Index Index