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Mitchell, Lewis C. Legacies are either pecuniary, as money or [word] in goods and on the death of the testator both vest in the executor till he assents to the payment of them. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Legacies
not applicable Mitchell, Lewis C. Executors and Administrators 1 Municipal Law 172 Baron and Feme 240 Parent and Child Guardian and Ward Bailment Title Page, Volume 1 Table of contents
Mitchell, Lewis C. Every imprisonment Private wrongs, Volume 2 False imprisonment
not applicable Mitchell, Lewis C. Evidence 1; Private wrongs 44; Sheriffs and Jailors 115; Powers of Chancery 209; Contracts 240; Execution 476. Title Page, Volume 2 Table of contents
not applicable Mitchell, Lewis C. Real property Sorts of estates Estates in expectancy Deeds Devises Estates of several owners Fraudulent convey Trespass Ejectment and dispersion Waste Title Page, Volume 3 Table of contents
not applicable Mitchell, Lewis C. Master and servant Law Merchant Insurance Bills of exchange and Prmy notes Criminal Law Pleas & pleading Title Page, Volume 4 Table of contents
Mitchell, Lewis C. Executors and administrators are the representatives of deceased persons for certain purposes, i.e., as to their personal estate and as to their duties which affect their personal estate. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Executors & administrators
Mitchell, Lewis C. Under this title many disputes will always arise. Evidence, Volume 2 Evidence
Mitchell, Lewis C. All persons who can make wills and some who cannot. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Who may be an executor
Mitchell, Lewis C. All persons may be administrators who are not disqualified by law. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Who may be administrators
Mitchell, Lewis C. This consists of maliciously defaming a person by words either written or spoken. Private wrongs, Volume 2 Slander
Mitchell, Lewis C. The ordinary may ex officio or at the instance of some person interested, cite the executor to prove the will. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Manner of proving wills
Mitchell, Lewis C. Libel is the ground of public and civil actions; this is not the case with slander. Private wrongs, Volume 2 Libel
Mitchell, Lewis C. A vexatious law suit differs from a malicious suit. Malicious prosecution, Volume 2 Malicious law suit
Mitchell, Lewis C. Assault is an attempt with force to injure one's person, such as if executed would be battery and such as is at the issue practicable Private wrongs, Volume 2 Assault
Mitchell, Lewis C. Battery is any injury done to one's person, whether in anger by carelessness, negligence. Private wrongs, Volume 2 Battery
Mitchell, Lewis C. This is only an aggravated species of battery. Private wrongs, Volume 2 Mayhem
Mitchell, Lewis C. The property of the testator vests in his executor immediately on his death. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 What act an executor may do before probate
Mitchell, Lewis C. "This is retaking one's property by giving security to answer the action or pay the debt." Injuries to real property, Volume 2 Replevin
Mitchell, Lewis C. In law there is but one executor, tho' in fact there are even so many persons named as such in the will. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Of co-executors
Mitchell, Lewis C. Trover goes on the ground that some man has another's property, no matter how he came by it. Trover, Volume 2 Trover & trespass
Mitchell, Lewis C. This is a person who without any authority intermeddles with the goods of the deceased in a manner calculated to induce a belief that he is Executor de jure. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Executors de son tort
Mitchell, Lewis C. When an administrator is appointed, the appointment relates back to the decease of the intestate and he may sue for all injuries done between the deceased & the appointment. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Duties of executors & administrators
Mitchell, Lewis C. The general rule is they are entitled to all chattels in possession and to all the evidences of debt as notes, bonds, covenants &c. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Right of executor & administrator to chattels
Mitchell, Lewis C. The rights of executors and administrators being thus established, we will next consider their duties. Their first duty is to inventory all the personal property. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Duties of executor & administrator
Mitchell, Lewis C. This writ is issued to some executive officer, court of justice Prerogative writs, Volume 2 Writ of mandamus
Mitchell, Lewis C. Twofold, when one complains of illegal constraint of liberty; that one is holden after bail is offered. Habeas corpus, Volume 2 Writ of habeas corpus
Mitchell, Lewis C. Tis never granted unless one gets full indemnification that his story is true and he must make affidavit. Audita querula, Volume 2 Audita querula
Mitchell, Lewis C. First as to the nature of the Sheriff's office and second as to the manner of appointing him. Sheriff & Gaoler, Volume 2 Sheriffs & jailors
Mitchell, Lewis C. Persons who want discretion can't make a will from whatever cause it may arise, as from insanity, drunkeness &c. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Who can make wills
Mitchell, Lewis C. This also depends on the intention of the testator. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Ademption of a legacy
Mitchell, Lewis C. In the ascending line there is no difficulty in computing the degrees of kin. Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Who is next of kin
Mitchell, Lewis C. The body of an executor or administrator is not liable to arrest for the debts of the testator, because the suit is against the property of the deceased in their hands Executor & Administrators, Volume 1 Mode of proceeding against executors
Mitchell, Lewis C. This is a rule of civil conduct prescribed by the powers in a state commanding what is right and prohibiting what is wrong. Municipal law, Volume 1 Municipal law
Mitchell, Lewis C. This is a singular institution to be found in no other country but England or those who have derived their laws from her. Chancery, Volume 2 Powers of chancery
Mitchell, Lewis C. The first thing I shall notice is the right which the husband acquires to the wife's personal property. Baron & feme, Volume 1 Baron and feme
Mitchell, Lewis C. To every contract there must be two or more parties, they are of two kinds, executed and executory. Contracts, Volume 2 Contracts
Mitchell, Lewis C. Debt is a sum of money due by contract. Blackstone is incorrect when he says by express contract, for it may be implied. Action for debt, Volume 2 Actions on contracts: debt
Mitchell, Lewis C. This action is for the recovery of specific chattels and is in effect a bill in Chancery. Action of detinue, Volume 2 Action of detinue
Mitchell, Lewis C. There are four actions sounding in contract: debt, detinue, account & assumpsit. Action of account, Volume 2 Action of account
Mitchell, Lewis C. An infant or minor is any one under 21 years by Common Law, the term being technical. Parent & child, Volume 1 Parent & child
Mitchell, Lewis C. This action is founded on contract of late date, the action of debt was used universally before assumpsit. Assumpsit, Volume 2 Action of assumpsit
Mitchell, Lewis C. An executed agreement presupposes an executory agreement, but finished, but there are executed contracts which do not presuppose any executory agreement. An executed contract requires no consideration. Contracts, Volume 2 Appendix to contracts
Mitchell, Lewis C. The duty to protect children is also founded in natural law, but it is rather permitted rather than ordained by municipal law. Guardian & Ward, Volume 1 Guardian & ward
Mitchell, Lewis C. By our statute, execution has become a common mode of requiring title to estates. Contracts, Volume 2 Title of execution
Mitchell, Lewis C. Bailment is the delivery of goods on a contract express or implied that they shall be restored to the bailor when the purpose for which they were bailed is accomplished or answered. Bailments, Volume 1 Bailment