Anonymous, Yale Law MS B L71 1794

Digitized Notebooks

Single Volume


179 numbered pages followed by 279 pages without numbers. Text is continuous, not divided into lectures; subheadings are set off by wavy underlining. Written on both sides of page; some margin citations and text were lost, especially on the bottom edge, when text was trimmed for binding. There are corrections to spellings and crossed out phrases. There are about 200 blank pages at the end. "Mr. R" is mentioned on pp. 6, 41, 99, 101, 112, 137. The topics recorded in this volume are Estates of deceased persons (pp. 1-138); Chart comparing English and Connecticut law relative to the estates of deceased persons (pp. 139-178);Acquisition of property (pp. 179-199); Evidence [201-265];Lecture on principles of evidence [265-275]; Bail [277-294]; Legal procedure in Connecticut courts [295-337]; Bills of exchange [339-347]; Law Merchant [349-401]; Policies of insurance [403-427] Lectures on statutes of Connecticut [429-442].